2. Buying a sailing boat in Europe | Part 1 | The search | How to buy a boat in Turkey

We just bought a sail boat in Turkey! We found it difficult to find any information about the process and we’ve already had people asking us about it and request a video. So we have done our best to go through the process as we experienced it in the hope it will help others who may be considering buying a boat in Europe. There’s quite a bit of information so we split the video into 2 parts. In this video, part 1 we talk about searching Europe for a boat – researching, how to find best value, website we used, brokers, negotiation/price, inspection and accommodation. Part 2 we will talk more about the process specifically in Turkey – making an offer, negotiation, sea trial, survey, more negotiation, paperwork, money transfer, power of attorney, notary, tax file number, agents and their fees, registration and de-flagging, export process, after we bought the boat and potential hazards. We hope you find this helpful in some way 🙂

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