3 Sailing Tips to Save your Sailboat and Yourself!! – Patrick Childress Sailing #26

3 Simple Sailboat Tips Every Sailor must know to Prevent Problems – Beginners and Experts on a Blue Water Sailboat ; Snubbers, leech lines, sunglasses. Patrick Childress Sailing Videos #26. three Sailing Tips include the best sunglasses for sailing (blue water sailing primarily) , to prevent pterygium, very common for sailors sailing around the world. How to set up sail snubbers to protect your sails and rigging, with a boom shock absorber and sheet shock absorber. How to fix a leech line on a sail without a sailmaker. Patrick Childress puts out another of his great Sailboat How to Videos…Sailing Tips 8,9,10. Here are at least 3 sailboat tips you can use on your bluewater cruising sailboat.
Then, a fun day hiking, sailing, hanging out, with a native in a remote area in Madagascar, Russian Bay, near NosyBe. #26

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This is a great Bluewater sailboat how to video, possibly one of the best sailing videos out today!

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