40 000 sailors race the Vendée Globe e-Prologue Virtual Regatta

by Vendee Globe 11 Oct 07:29 UTC Vendée Globe e-Prologue Virtual Regatta © Virtual Regatta

As of last September 27th there were 40,000 ‘sailors’ who took the start of the Vendée Globe e-Prologue Virtual Regatta including a “pro” category, a good range of Vendée Globe skippers. The first crossed the finish line today…

It’s been a very hotly contested prologue which is now drawing to a close for most of the 40,000 sailors who raced on the Atlantic.

After just over 9 days at sea (a round trip, out and back, to the Azores), 3,000 miles of hard e-racing, the pro and eSailors rankings are really taking shape.

At the finish in Les Sables d’Olonne, it was Arnaud Boissières who finished on the top step of the podium, followed at almost 30 minutes later by Stéphane Le Diraison, and Japan’s Kojiro Shirashi, who in turn were followed by Nicolas Troussel. These pro sailors were able to perform to perfection against the tens of thousands of players at their heels!

The battle was intense until the end and the suspense reached its peak on the last leg towards Les Sables D’Olonne. Ace racer Phocea 13 controlled his rivals in the sprint in a final difficult climb to Vendée. Excellent!

Last night again, and after having led comfortably from the start in Le Havre, the duo of eSailors Leszek (POL) – Barqueme (NZL) seemed to be on course for victory. But their option turned out to be disastrous and their pursuers took the opportunity to catch up under full sails arriving towards Sables d’Olonne.

The finishes conclude an exciting, engaging 9 days and 6 hours of racing and are a fun reminder the real thing, a thrilling Vendée Globe is just a few weeks from the start.


1. Arnaud Boissieres (FRA): 9d 07h 29 ’53”
2. Stephane Le Diraison (FRA): 9d 08h 03 ’21”
3. Kojiro Shiraishi (JPN): 9d 08:43 ’52”
4. Nicolas Troussel (FRA): 9d 09h 12 ’39”
5. Armel Tripon (FRA): 9d 10h 44 ’41”
6. Didac Costa (ESP): 9d 11:32 ’50”
7. Jean Le Cam (FRA): 9d 14h 23 ’32”
8. Pip Hare (GBR): 9d 14h 24 ’28”
9. Ari Huusela (FIN): 9d 2:34:43 pm
10. Manuel Cousin (FRA): 9d 4:05 pm ’49
” 11. Clement Giraud (FRA): 9d 16h 12 ’42”
12. Alexia Barrier (FRA): 9d 20:07:40

Still at sea:

13. Isabelle Joschke (FRA): 25.4 M
14. Fabrice Amedeo (FRA): 61.46 M
15. Damien Seguin (FRA): 213.96 M
16. Thomas Ruyant (FRA): 256.39 M
17. Jeremie Beyou (FRA): 2406.21 M

The Top 10 scratch:

Phocea13 (FRA): 9d 06h 04′ 45″
Leszek2011 (POL): 9d 06h 07′ 40″
Barquerme (NZL): 9d 06h 07′ 41″
esteban knip (FRA): 9d 06h 07′ 51″
fishandfrog SGPS FV (FRA): 9d 06h 16′ 10″
Noadkoko@TPN (FRA): 9d 06h 19′ 47″
surfair (SUE): 9d 06h 25′ 29″
patrickpoum (FRA): 9d 06h 32′ 58″
Phil ô Soph IST (DEN): 9d 06h 33′ 56″
Slyloubouttin_AVR (FRA): 9d 06h 39′ 53″


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