7 Sailing Tips For Blue Water Sailboats (How to STOP LEAKS on Sailboats)Patrick Childress Sailing#25

The 7 Best Sailing tips for Bluewater Sailboats…How to stop leaks on sailboats. Patrick Childress Sailing Videos #25 explains how to stop those pesky boat leaks on Bluewater sailboats with “chinking” around leaking hatches, stopping a leaking port light with a storm windows, how to stop water by way of a leaking chain pipe… Also, our very simple but effective rain water catchment system for catching rain water on a sailboat. And then a simple demonstration of “handing the line”, a better way to Coil your lines on a Bluewater sailboat. Last, a recommendation on a sailing book which will give you many sailing tips, will help to maintain your Bluewater sailboat and enjoy the cruising life on the oceans. Tips cruisers should know! Another fantastic Sailboat How To Video then, some fun footage of the large wooden sailing/cargo boats in Madagascar. This is #24 in Patrick Childress Sailing Videos/Sailing Tips series.
How to keep the water out of the sailboat!

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