A hellacious 1100 nautical mile offshore sail straight to Svalbard in the Arctic Circle

Three years in the making and all of our preparation led to this moment…pushing off for Svalbard! 1100 nautical miles held more than a few surprises as the weather window we had hoped for evaporated. Join us on the beginning of this epic journey!

We have been working very hard on our next Greenland episode, but it’s not ready yet. So we interrupt our regularly scheduled broadcast to bring you this more recent recording.

A viewer, Christian, pointed out that in the beginning of this video we used an outdated pre-WWII map.

We thank them for pointing this out and humbly apologise to our viewers. It was certainly not our intention to include a map with borders that recall such a different time in history.

Especially when talking about more remote places such as the Faroe Islands and Svalbard, we try to include maps to give people a better sense of our location. We created this real time update while in Svalbard and, with limited time and internet access, we downloaded one of the first copyright free maps we came across without really taking note of any locations outside of where we were sailing. That was a mistake on our part.

We strive to hold ourselves to the highest standard and, though mistakes do happen, we try our best to be as accurate as possible…and to own up to mistakes when they do happen.

Thank you to Christian and all our viewers who bring such errors to our attention. It will serve to remind us in the future to be aware of the bigger picture as well as the minute details.

With kind regards,
Monique & Drake

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