Are Corsair trimarans really made for offshore sailing ?

We sailed a brand new Corsair 37 from Tahiti to Tikehau, straight after commissioning her. Big question was how would a trimaran handle the trip ? It’s a 175 nautical miles journey upwind right in the rainy season (meaning big squalls all night) before we reach the calm turquoise waters inside the lagoon. Not only did she sail very fast but she proved very stable, super easy to manage and with enough room inside to welcome 5 people for a night at sea. Amazingly enough we did not break anything which normally never happens on a new boat! She is also super cool to steer. We tried the autopilot but quickly went back to manual steering as it was so thrilling. Definitely a big winner, that I would not be scared to sail across oceans while delivering top performance and pleasure.
If you want to know more about owning a corsair trimaran in the South Pacific – contact us!

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