Crossing the North Sea Alone pt. 2- The Long Way Back

Hi Everyone!

Finally the circle is closed!

Ive crossed the North Sea wintertime alone to see the Up Helly Aa festival!

And now Ive got my boat back from Shetland to Haugesund, Norway.

And here is the evidence. All though it wasnt to much wind Ive tried my best to capture the life onboard my sailboat during an ocean crossing alone. Ive used all my editing skills to try making it as interresting as possible, still a rookie tho, so much to learn…!

And a big THANK YOU to for providing me with the supercool Gill OS23 full sailgear clothing! It will be used on all my future trips! Check it out at all their nice stuff at their website 🙂

Hope you like the vid, that it inspires and fair winds to all of YOU!!

Cheers Erik


“Irish Jig” – Shaun Hopper

“Mo Ghille Mear” – UCD Choral Scholars

“E du Nord” – Kari Bremnes

Link to my Gill Jacket OS23:

Link to my Gill pants OS23:

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