Crossing the North Sea Singlehanded. WINTERTIME.

Hi everyone!

The 26th of January at 10 o’clock I set sail again to cross the furosious North Sea for Shetland to experience the Up Helly Aa vikingfestival.

Strong winds up to 40 knots, heavy snow and a very long periode of complete dark rushed my little boat through huge waves all the way to landfall Shetland in 32 hours.

It was an amazing experience to be in the middle of this and feel the real wrath of Mother Nature breathing heavely down my neck, making it very clear whos the boss out in these waters. And its not me.

I hope you enjoy this as I hope you get the feeling of what its like to be in a small boat, listen to the threatening sounds of the wind and waves as the snow wips your face until you just get ice cold.

All the best, and stay safe.


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