Ep 1: How (not) to buy a boat overseas – Sailing Everlong

*** APPARENTLY THE SOUND IN THIS VIDEO IS PRETTY TERRIBLE- SORRY! Please note this is my first ever time using iMovie- I’m a Palliative Care Nurse by trade, so I’m learning as I go! We really wanted to share our journey from the very beginning, but that means you have to put up with learning with us! Thank you to those of you watched all the way to the end xx ***

You can always skip ahead to our later episodes 😉 Sailing & Seasickness: https://youtu.be/Dev0xYwQgR4

Let’s buy a yacht in Croatia and try to sail it back to Australia!!
Our first two weeks, trying to buy the boat and begin to make it our home.

Disclaimer: There is no actual sailing in this video.

See where we are now: https://www.trackamap.com/everlong We’re using a brand new LIVE tracking program through our Iridium GO satellite phone.

By popular demand (and thanks to continued unexpected costs) we’re now on Patreon! Support us at https://www.patreon.com/sailingeverlong



Music from Triple J Unearthed:
A Faint Outline- Place by the Sea.
Ryan Delaney- Together
Secangir Senja- Lupa Harga Diri
Katie Demeester-Go with the flow

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