First edition of the French Clubs Contest

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Launched 29th may, the first edition of the French Clubs Contest offered a unique prize: providing a Diam 24 OD for the French monotype Championship 2020.

“Through this contest, we want to encourage the development of sports practice in multihulls and encourage clubs to set up team projects driven by the historical values of our sport and the Diam 24 od class.” Vianney Ancellin – director of ADH inotec.

Selections criteria:

The main criteria of the jury has been the ability to carry out powerful partnership between the sailing team, her club and the Diam 24 od class including three indivisible parts: organisation, sport level and communication means.

A 4-step selection process

Step 1: The reception of applications was open from 29th may to 13th july. Applications files had to include:

  • organisation part: about their motivation, their ability to set up a cohesive relation between their project, their club and the class D24 od.
  • sport part: Sailor’s personals and sports CV.
  • communication part: the communication means to develop the notoriety and the practice of the Diam 24 one design.

Step 2: Jury staffed by:

  • Corinne Migraine vice president of French Sailing Federation
  • Vianney Ancellin director of ADH inotec
  • Daniel Souben, administration member of Diam 24 od class
  • Philippe Joubin, director of Spi Ouest-France Destination Morbihan
  • Romain Troublé, founder of Tara Océan Foundation

Nine applications received:

  • Nautic Club of Var Mer,
  • Nautic Club of Voile Aix les bains,
  • Yacht Club of Carnac,
  • Yacht Club of la Grande Motte,
  • Nautic Club of Saint Palais sur mer,
  • Nautic Club of Saint Aubin Elbeuf,
  • Nautic Club of Fouesnant,
  • Nautic Society of Baie de Saint Malo,
  • and Voile sud Bassin d’Arcachon.

Considering the high quality of the applications, our jury selected four nominates:

  • Nautic Club of Var Mer,
  • Nautic Club of Voile Aix les bains,
  • Yacht Club of Carnac,
  • Yacht Club of la Grande Motte,

Step 3: Everything was done on Monday! The nominates were able to defend their candidacy in front of the jury during a Zoom call. It has been a hard task to tiebreak them: geographically diverse, ambitious programmes and young teams ready to fight.

Final step: Finally the Nautic Club of Var Mer chaired by Christophe Chaffardon, is the chosen one! Selected for his long term vision and the cohesive relation between the youth team and his club. The CNVA is therefore embarked to the season 2020 with a youth crew of promising sailors and a fully prepared boat due to the Easy Regatta solution.

We can’t wait to see them on the water!

French Championship 2020

For this turned upside-down season, the french Monotype Championship Diam 24 one design, will take place on the cumulated result of the Spi Ouest France Destination Morbihan (La Trinité-sur-Mer – 24th to 27th september) and the Normandie Cup (Le Havre – 16th to 18th october). The French Sailing Federation will attribute the title of French Champion 2020 to the winner of the general standing.

Conclusion: a successful first edition

Nine french clubs nominated, Nautic Club of Voile Aix les Bains win the 2020 edition, 2020 season might be turned upside-down but promise to be sporty and the promise of a new contest edition in 2021.

All the team of ADH inotec and Diam 24 od’s class stands ready to provide her help for the non selected candidates and her support during the achievement of their Diam 24 od project. Batches of compensation are on study to support the finalistes during the 2020 season. Source

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