Galley Tips for Sailing an Ocean (on a Bluewater Sailboat) Patrick Childress Sailing Tips #22

Galley Tips for Sailing an Ocean…on a Bluewater Sailboat – Patrick Childress Sailing Tips #22 . More sailing tips such as conserving water on sailboats using foot pumps, sailboat cookbooks, sailboat refrigeration tricks, using a galley stove, and generally preparing a bluewater sailboat for offshore sailing, and other sailing tips. Patrick Childress Sailing/Fixing Sailboats presents many ideas we have learned over the years, while sailing around the world.

Learn why a galley strap is important, and some tips on cooking on a galley stove and using a galley sink.Find out which one is our favorite sailboat cookbook, and a whole lot about sailboat maintenance.

Collision with a whale with our Valiant 40, and some fun scenes sailing in Madagascar. vid #22

Sailboat galley equipment, sailboat galley design, outfitting a boat galley, including galley gadgets, boat galley ideas, best sailboat galley, boat galley gear, sailboat galley layout, are all related to this video.

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