How To Anchor Stern To (Sailing Virgins) Ep.07

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Anchoring stern-to can be daunting. However, if you are sailing in the Mediterranean and parts of the Caribbean, it is a great sailing skill to have.

The anchor-stern-to is one of the essential so-called Med Mooring techniques.

Being able to drop your anchor and tie your stern to a dock effectively can make your sailing experience that much richer and less stressful.

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Here’s how we do it, in four parts:

1. The Setup (0:57)
2. The Lead-in (03:33)
3. The Drop (6:22)
4. Tying Up (08:51)

Summary of the anchor-stern-to. The key tips are:

Key tips from this anchor-stern-to method are:

1. Have your fenders on both sides, in particular the leeward side;
2. Try and keep things at right angles where you can;
3. When you secure your stern line, always secure the windward side first;
4. Have great communications between the person dropping the anchor and the person on the wheel;
5. Let out as much anchor chain as you possibly can.

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Thanks to Celine Freixe for shooting and editing the episode.
Thanks to Ford aka James and the rest of the dock staff at the wonderful Capella Resort in Marigot Bay, St Lucia.
Music cred : S3A – Bush (Sydji Remix)

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