How We Outfitted our Catamaran for Offshore Sailing & Comfort -Leopard 45 Walkthrough PART 2 [Ep.14]

If you haven’t seen our Part 1[Ep.13] here is the link :
In this video ( Ep.13 / PART 1) we cover these systems and components:
1. Dinghy
2. Outdoor Cushions
3. Davit System and How it works?
4. Decking
5. Enclosures & Shade Curtains
6. 12 V Aft Cockpit Refrigerator
7. Navigation _ Raymarine Pack
8. Electronics
This video [Ep.14] continues the detailed exterior walkthrough of our 2020 Leopard 45 Catamaran, but we also share a wonderful experience we had while in Annapolis, Maryland, getting a private tour of the world famous U.S. Naval Academy! In the spirit of our previous video, we continue to share some of the options we selected from the Leopard Factory while our boat was still in production in South Africa while others we have added aftermarket in Fort Lauderdale, FL. We of course added some options that are solely about comfort and not just safety but we still want to share what it is we added and why. Hope you enjoy the video and can take away a little information that helps you make the best decisions for your boat! Grab a seat because here we go!!

In this video here are the systems and components we cover:
9. Solar Power
10. Generator
11. Safety Equipment
12. Sails & Rigging
13. Engines
14. Anchor System
15. S/S Rub Rail
16. More Comfort Options

Live With Passion 💕
~ Your Crew: Andy, Maki, Oliver & Lukas
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About Us: We are a family of four from Southern California, (San Clemente) about to set sail in April of 2020. Join us as we document our travel experiences, adventures and uncertainties that come along.
3 years ago we sat down as a family and shared a dream that we all wanted to see come true. A dream that we take a window of time in our lives to do something truly special together, an extended sailing trip, an adventure that would stay with us for the rest of our lives.

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