Hurricane Storm Sailing, 10 days at sea! Bahamas to Newport non-stop!

Jump to halfway through the video for the storm action. Started out as a pleasure cruise in the Bahamas, to outrunning a hurricane around cape hatteras.

After battling near Hurricane TS Ana for 9 days, running low on fuel while 235 nautical miles offshore, the Coastguard rescued us by sending us a Russian Oil Tanker Mariposa to refuel us.

Read the full story and details of what lead up to & what happened at this link.…

At the point when this video was taken the cyclonic winds have dissipated, we were left with strong winds and swells coming from the W SW we could not sail in that direction or any direction toward the coast at this point. This is 8 days later and had nothing to do with the original decision to go offshore, we could only sail North, but seemed to be more North East, the swells were taking us further East and further offshore. We were 235 miles offshore right now, not 43 miles, that was after we received fuel and had been motoring for 24 hours. We had been sailing for 8 days solid at this point, only running the engine every 4 hours for about 1/2 hour in neutral to charge batteries. So the fuel level was running low, we had about a 1/4 to 1/8 of a tank left, but not knowing if and when we might get help, we saw it prudent to call the coast guard with our sat phone. A tanker heading North slightly diverted off course, in total maybe losing 3 hours which could be made up in 24 hours by increasing their speed by 20%. If we had not called the coastguard, we would have drifted further offshore, ran out of fuel, would have lost our instruments and communications method. Your plan of sailing to shore would not have worked or we would have surely done that. We had already forgotten about making any event on time. That was not the reason for calling the coastguard. We were not out here due to our irresponsibility but because we were caught by an unforeseen storm.

The coast guard can not respond physically after 250 nautical miles. There was another storm brewing, and our decision was proactive, and the coast guard said we made the right call. So many people wait until its too late or worse, thereby putting the coast guard at risk.

We made the right decisions. I have 26,000 nautical miles of experience and 1/2 of those miles are more than 100 miles offshore.

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