I Bought a Beneteau Sailboat – Plus, the meaning of life

I upgrade to a bigger sailboat with a 1985 Beneteau First 38. Let’s check it out for a boat tour and talk about the boat buying process. We end the vlog with an inspirational voiceover by Alan Watts from a speech, “What do you desire?”

By the way, I ended up selling my smaller boat. I forgot to mention that in the video. Luckily, I sold the smaller boat pretty quickly after buying this one.

Here’s a cool article about the same boat by author and sailor Liza Copeland http://www.nealalexander.com/sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/ben38.pdf

Also, note I was wrong at the end of the video. The old fashioned tall ship is the SSV Oliver Hazard Perry and NOT the Pride of Baltimore.

Panasonic G85
GoPro Hero 5
Audio: RØDE VideoMicro (on camera) and Zoom H1 (voiceover)
Drone: DJI Mavic Pro
Edited on Final Cut Pro X

0:01 – Sleepwalking at 5 by Andrew Applepie
1:36 – A-Group-Verve
3:01 – Expanding by Johan Borjesson
5:16 – Nice to You by Vibe Tracks
6:02 – Uncle by Jangle

8:11 – Scene from the movie Jerry Maguire

8:20 – “What do you desire?” voiceover by Alan Watts

Thanks for watching!

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