New Sailing Lessons- Reef & Heave To– Mistakes Part 1

Black Butte Lake, Northern Calif. I Reef my sail for the 1st time… Made some mistakes. (See Part 2) Also used the Heave To or Hove To about 8 times to practice. Again my first time. In second Vid, I lean boat or Heel boat 45 degrees!
Part 1 and Part 2– Wow, crazy day sailing!! Went out yesterday, Black Butte Lake. Great wind 13-20 with higher gusts. Reefed one step before launch, as I never sailed in more than 10-12 mph wind. Had an awesome 4 hrs, then wind lowered to about 10mph, raised sail all the way. Wow, when good gusts came, heeling 20 degrees plus often and then 30 degrees and 5 times 45 degrees. Had to change my shorts!!!!! Kept thinking, “oh man was that scary!” Then I would say, “Let’s do it again!” Finally, I ran out of shorts!

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