Ocean Crossing in 25 days on a sailing catamaran. Daily life of 2 people on an ocean passage Part 1

Sailing in 35 knots of wind and with very little wind, 5 meters of cross waves and beautiful ocean sunrises. 25 days of offshore ocean sailing and just the two of us on our sailing catamaran. Everyday life on an ocean passage. What is on our daily menu. How we make drinking water. How we use the different sailes. How we get weather forecasts. How we manage sleep and watch time.
Everything what you wanted to know about ocean crossing in a sailing boat.

Love, Peace and Ocean Breeze
Tali and Guenther

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We’re a Russian-Austrian couple, live aboard sailors/cruisers and professional filmmakers with a genuine love for life. Cruising oceans since 23 years. This is our life. Two adventurous people sailing around the world. Living the dream so many people are only dreaming of. Sailing, traveling, adventure, freedome. This is the life we want to share with you. Making travel documentaries. Yes, there are so many sailing videos. In our films we show you not only the daily cruising life. But countries we explore. People we meet. Local culture and island life. Simple and healthy living. Music, cuisine, crafts, locals artists. We will be happy if our videos inspire you to explore a different way of living. Life is about living your dreams!

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Music in the film:
Pucker Up,
Danse of questionable tuning,
Mystery sax,
Intended force,
Crossing the chasm
by Kevin MacLeod
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license
Source: http://incompetech.com/music/
Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Adventure Cinematic Intro Inspiration
by bamboosound

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