Offshore Sailing Tips: Storms at Sea, Tame the Autopilot + Mainsail Battens – Patrick Childress #38

Offshore Sailing Tips – Storms at Sea ,Tame the Autopilot + Mainsail Battens – Patrick Childress Sailing Videos #38
Sailing around the World, blue water sailing through the Mozambique Channel from Bazaruto to South Africa, avoiding storms and squalls, but still sailing in rough seas and rough weather. Our Old Mainsail dies and we bend on a new main sail. We struggle with a Dangerous Anchorage and leave in a to the storm at sea that we were trying to avoid. One can never avoid storms in Africa altogether! ! Making sailing videos in good and bad weather has just become part of our sailing life on this circumnavigation. Patrick Childress shows how to adjust the autopilot sensitivity, and why he does not put a Mainsail up when sailing with the winds, and why we chose partial battens vs full battens in the mainsail. Adjusting the autopilot is a simple adjustment for most autopilots.This is more than a sailing blog…it’s a Sailboat how to channel…Sailboat DIY…showing how to handle rough weather on our yacht, how to sail in general, and Sailing in storms and sailing in heavy weather while you circumnavigate, and other offshore sailing tips.

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They all have unique perspectives on the cruising lifestyle, sailing life, blue water cruising, Sailing, sailboats, and how to diy. But of course, we hope you will feel Patrick Childress Sailing Videos and his sailing tips are among the best sailing videos and sailing channel around!
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