Offshore Survival Training for Cruisers and Sailors | Sailing Balachandra S02E41

In this video, Offshore Survival Training for Cruisers and Sailors, we take an offshore survival course which included live realistic training in an Offshore Survival Theater designed to make the training as realistic as possible complete with giant waves and extremely high winds. It is very real and very intense! Our Special thanks to RelyOn Nutec (link below) for providing our offshore training and allowing us to film. Thanks guys! Then Hurricane Dorian hapenned and we had to do some mega storm prep to save Balachandra from disaster. Very emotional. It was the first time we cried leaving the boat 🙁

RelyOn Nutec Safety Training and Competence Services, Dartmouth NS:

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In August of 2017 I sold everything and moved aboard Balachandra, a 1986 C&C44 sailboat, then sailed it over 300 nautical miles to Halifax Nova Scotia to spend a cold Canadian winter in the frozen waters of the North Atlantic. Sailing Balachandra is our YouTube sailing vlog inspired by other great channels such as Delos and La Vagabonde, which documents the sailing adventures of myself and the occasional crewmembers(s) as we navigate the east coast of North America and beyond. We also dive into lots of DIY boat projects both above and below decks, and share with you all of the pros and cons of living aboard in a cold climate. Sailing Balachandra is published weekly so please subscribe so you don’t miss out on future videos!

This video was shot with equipment from Optrix by Body Glove

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