Our 2007 Beneteau Oceanis 40: why, pros, cons and costs // The cost of cruising compared – Part 2

The video about Marky’s 1974 32ft MacWester Wight ketch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM5iRHDEXPM

The complete tour of Polar Seal: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sxqKYydlxd0


This is the second part of our mini series on the cost of cruising, in which a couple of friends and us laid down the costs of buying and sailing our boats full time, and compare them.

In this video, we are looking at our own boat, Polar Seal, our Beneteau oceanis 40 from 2007, and how much it cost us to buy her, how much we pay in maintenance and insurance each year, as well as our monthly marina and fuel budget.

As someone pointed out in the last video, the costs associated which each of our boats are the results of choices that we made! Today, we’re giving you a look into our choices: in what context we bought our boat and the criteria we had before buying her.

We then give you a quick tour our boat and talk about how she is equipped. If you want the absolute full tour of the boat, I’ve made a 20 minutes video that shows all her corners, which you can check out also at the link above me.

In this video, we’ll also talk about what we think are the pros and cons of our boat, and will end by telling you how much she cost us to purchase, to maintain and to cruise.

Hope you find it useful!

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⛵️Our boat: Polar Seal, 2007 Beneteau Oceanis 40, owners version (2 cabins layout).
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