Passage Preparation Tips for Offshore Sailing to Chagos – (Patrick Childress Sailing Tips #13)

Preparing to Sail from SriLanka to Chagos in the worst of weather, flat calm and a major storm. Predicting the weather with Predictwind Weather on the Iridium GO was excellent, but rough seas and dead calms were both unavoidable. Patrick talks about fuel management for such wind and waves, what he does to the anchor chain prior to departure, why he pumps up the Dinghy very well before every Ocean passage, and then gives a quick tour of the Chart Table and our marine electronics. Getting weather at sea with Predictwind and the Iridium GO, keeping the water out of the boat, and what sails to use for the particular offshore passage Depending on the expected wind forecasts.

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A definite decision : Predictwind

Predictwind and the Iridium GO!

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See our article in Ocean Voyager about our Indian Ocean Preparation :

Sadly, they don’t make our Raymarine Chartplotter anymore…but this is the one we would get if we could:–axiom-pro-12-rvx-multifunction-display-with-navionics-north-american-charts–18561670

Iridium GO *****Make sure to use the drop down to get the complete bundle…you definitely want the External Antenna by Predictwind!

1 Chafe Protection and Port Leaks
3 Sailboat Fuel Transfer at Sea
4 Anemometer Repair
5 Anemometer Bearing Lubrication
7 Install a new Backstay
8 Introduction to Patrick Childress
9 Stop the Clang on the Mast
10 Sailboat Burglar Alarm
11 Sailboat Refrigeration/Seafrost
12 Cleaning the bottom, Propspeed, and Mantus Anchor Hook
13 Indian Ocean Preparations
14 Chagos,AIS, Fuel Siphon, Squalls
15 Sailing Chagos, Monitor Windvane, jib block, , Racor Fuel Filter system
16 Survive on a Deserted Island: Water
17 Survive on a Deserted Island: Coconuts
19 Sailing to Rodrigues Island Mauritius
20 Provisioning for Sailing an Ocean
21 New headstay after Profurl Roller Furling
22 GalleyTips for Sailing an Ocean
23 Glue a sail repair at sea
24 Best Dinghy for Bluewater Sailboats
25 7 Sailing Tips
26 3 Sailing Tips for Bluewater Sailboats
27 Sailboat Plumbing Replacement
28 Flares as Self Defense against Pirates, Reef hook, mainsail reefing and Deck scuppers
30 Brick House Valiant 40 Tour Abovedeck
31 Brick House Valiant 40 Tour Belowdeck
32 Brick House Valiant 40 Tour Below Deck #2


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