Sailing Alone across the Ocean – Part 4 – Under Pressure – Ep #46

A large low pressure system comes my way as I sail solo from Hawaii to the Marshall Islands. Sailing alone on the Pacific Ocean gets interesting when big waves and 30+ knot winds approach.

Hi, I’m Markus Pukonen and this is my Adventure Travel Vlog Series. I am travelling around the planet without ever using motorized transport. I started this journey in Toronto, Canada in July of 2015 and intend to circumnavigate back to where I started.

In this weekly youtube series (Every Sunday at 4PM EST) I will share my day to day experiences of what it’s like to travel around the earth under my own power (with help from some wind and currents too!). Loads of epic adventure videos I’m happy to share with you.

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I started the journey in a canoe and have since trimaraned, hand cycled, pogosticked, tricycled, skiied, rafted, kayaked, SUPed, rowed, bicycled, sailed, walked, and danced half way around the planet.

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This video is about Sailing Alone across the Ocean – Part 4 – Under Pressure – Ep #46 –

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