Sailing in the Mediterranean! [Ep 10]

THANK YOU to all of our new subscribers. I really can’t believe how the channel has just taken off. Our first 7 or 8 episodes had almost no views… and now we are getting 200+ subscribers overnight! Yahoo, I’m riding on cloud 9 🙂

I hope you enjoy this episode! I will try to upload a new episode every 10 days, so you can expect about 3 videos a month from us.

In this episode, we explore another abandoned fortress… although this one is a lot larger and creepier. We also have a few days of sailing in some pretty strong wind, which was a good test of both Magic Carpet and ourselves. The Mediterranean can have some strong wind at times, especially from the North. In fact, the wind even has a name –– “The Mistral.” It can make for some challenging but fun sailing.

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Maya and Aladino

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