Sailing Lagoon 42 crossing Biscay & Mediterranean – Lagoon’s blocked fuel line scandal and solution

Skip to 2:04 to see Mike’s new Lagoon 450 blasting past us. The whales are at 12:00. The factory was a few weeks late … which forced us to do some seriously fast equipping, fitting out and provisioning of only six days, and then some nearly nonstop, serious 12 days and nights of sailing (one night stop in Lisbon for the first engine service; and one afternoon in Gibraltar for 29p a litre diesel) we got to Ibiza on time for some wonderful holidays. The boat proved itself in all kinds of weather, it’s not very fast but a respectable 6.5 knots average on a 1,400 nm trip, with the odd 12-14 knots with a F7 on the stern made for an enjoyable trip. Sorry for the slow talking here and there – that was because I was very short of sleep, it was just me and one friend sailing for 12 days 12 nights ! Bad points for Lagoon – two days out, BOTH engines stopped due to blocked fuel lines, as Lagoon does not clean out debris from drilling holes for fittings in new fuel tanks. Cost threee days and three nights of delays, finding mechanics, diagnostics and no sleep. Lagoon first had audacity to say it was bad fuel, before I made them remember they filled the fuel tanks as they always do. Debris does NOT reach fuel filters but jams before it leaves the tank due to wrong design. See comments for full story AND DETAILS ON HOW TO FIX while underway .. once you know the trick (which takes days to find out and experienced mechanics) it is easy and you can do it yourself in 5 minutes …debris gets stuck in 90 degree bend before primary and secondary fuel filters … fix by undoing one bolt and bend right where it comes out of fuel tank, then take out and blow clean… relevant for any failure and a design fault. Hope it saves new lagoon owners Jul 16.

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