Statement from World Sailing CEO David Graham

The World Sailing Board is disappointed to learn that over recent days, confidential information related to an ongoing case before the Ethics Commission has been published by a number of media outlets. It is particularly disappointing to learn of these breaches as very clear statements were given during recent Council meetings that the Board has been advised by an independent barrister, the Chair of the Constitution Committee and the Director of Legal and Governance that the Regulations do not permit the disclosure of confidential information related to an ongoing case. World Sailing’s Regulations and Code of Ethics are very clear on this matter.

The Ethics Commission is tasked with upholding honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship in our sport, and it is important that principles such as confidentiality are respected. It is a key principle of natural justice and procedural fairness that confidentiality must be maintained while an investigation is ongoing and, only when a matter has been determined, can the details of a case be disclosed. E-mail this page Print this page Source

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