Staying Salty, Sailing the Mediterranean (Sailing La Vagabonde) Ep. 110

There’s nothing like diving off your boat into a crystal blue Mediterranean ocean. Sailing the Mediterranean has exceeded our expectations thus far. Also, I certainly wasn’t expecting to see a FLYING DINGHY fly past my window as I was having a shower onboard. Being out at sea and out of range a lot of the time, we seem to miss out on the launching of the latest technologies/fashion/tv shows.. so we were quite shocked to see such a contraption fly by, one mellow afternoon. Someone please fill me in?? What is the deal? Leave us a comment.
Videos made with love, Elayna and Daniel, starring mostly Riley 🙂

Song Credits:
00:17 Casting a Shadow – Heeblay –
01:28 Jack the Weatherman – Rock Bottom –
04:10 Jack the Weatherman – Rock Bottom –
05:32 Yes We Will (springthings) – Chaz Hearne & Alex Gilewicz –
10:24 Casting a Shadow – Heeblay –
12:20 Delone – Mac Stanley –
15:40 Dropping – Mat Hunsley –

Videos made by Elayna and Daniel!

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