Swedish RS Aero Nationals at SS Kaparen – Overall

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A Swedish fleet is growing quickly and a great fleet of 27 RS Aeros raced together as a mixed fleet at SS Kaparen, Gottskar for the first official Swedish RS Aero Nationals, alongside the RS Tera championship.

The breeze was up and the sun shining for both of the two days racing with eight races completed, which provided some exciting sailing conditions surrounded by the beautiful backdrop of the Kungsbacka Fjord.

Swedish RS Aero Nationals – photo © RS Aero Swedish Class

Kristina Hedstrom sums up an excellent weekend; “It was really fun to be at a National Championship and to sail myself after many years in rib and on spectator ships. A challenge for me in the hard wind, but oh so fun and oh what I am proud to have completed so many races and been in the dinghy so many hours this weekend.

Then it’s very fun that RS Aero Swedish Nationals is a competition for everyone! From 15-77 years old, from 50-90 kg, boys and girls, men and women. You choose your sail size and everyone is in the same competition. We have fun and we also have qualitative competition with 27 boats with goods tight racing at the start and around the course. A nice atmosphere both on the sea on land.

Thank you to everyone who made this competition good for all of us and gave me a challenge and craving to train more (boat management and strength training needed, among other things). Amazing to be a part of this and learn more about different classes – for young people and old people…..”

Swedish RS Aero Nationals – photo © RS Aero Swedish Class

Thank you to SS Kaparen and to the Swedish RS Aero and Tera Classes for creating an excellent championship.

Congratulations to the Winners:

1st – Erik Wahlberg Gefle, SS
2nd – Hugo Skold Orr, KSSS
3rd – Hampus Ljungberg, GKSS

Best Male RS Aero 5 – Hugo Shield Orr, KSSS
Best Female RS Aero 5 – Elisa Lindskog, KSSS
Best Male RS Aero 7 – Erik Wahlberg, GSS
Best Female RS Aero 7 – Julie Lamarre, KKKK
Best Male RS Aero 9 – Theodor Hansson, KKKK
Best Master – Bjorn Warnberg, LjSS
Best Grand Master – Gunnar Larsson, KSSS

Find overall results here.

Next up for the Swedish RS Aeros are the two events this weekend at Alingas on Saturday 12th and at Lerum on Sunday 13th September. Details are on the RS Aero Europe events list here.

Swedish RS Aero Nationals – photo © RS Aero Swedish Class
Swedish RS Aero Nationals – photo © RS Aero Swedish Class
Swedish RS Aero Nationals – photo © RS Aero Swedish Class

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