The first time I sailed across the North Sea. #7

Crossing the North Sea between Marstrand (Sweden) and Orkney (Scotland): Check!

Ryan and I had no offshore sailing experience. Now, I do! Last week, I crossed the North Sea with Andy and Mia from 59 North Sailing on Isbjörn… and without Ryan 🙂

Andy and Mia offer crew space on their boat, Isbjörn, a beautiful Swan 48. A couple of months ago, they happened to have an open bunk between Marstrand and Orkney, and I took the opportunity to get some offshore sailing experience before our own adventure.

Btw, check them out!!!:

We all met in Marstrand, on the West Coast of Sweden. On the first day, I woke up way too early, and had to sneak out to the galley to get myself a snack while everyone onboard was asleep. I was even too early for the shower!

We then set sail in waves that made Ben really seasick. I made a little fun of Ben while he was passed out in the cockpit, and paid the price. Just a moment later, I was myself agonizing all the way to Denmark, where we ended up that day.

We waited out some weather, hit the reset button and set sails to Orkney on day 3. I used some seasickness patches and made sure I was well prepared for all conditions.

Fortunately, the rest of the passage went much easier, but the 3 first days were exhausting. We spent them alternating between being on watch and sleeping, and I got to see some of the prettiest sunrises and sunsets of my life.

I took my first night-watch ever, from 00.00AM to 4AM. We rocked 8 knots all the way in the dark. I was a bit scared at first, but being so prepared, geared up and in good company made me relaxed and enjoy the experience.

After 3 days at sea, we took a dip in a 9 degrees cold North Sea. Bucket list check! That same day, we saw dolphins.

The winds shifted to the aft of the boat on the next day, and I walked up the bow to go rig a boom preventer in the waves. I got back to the cockpit a little wet 🙂

At 2.30 AM that night, I got woken up by the sound of the engine, and we landfall in Orkney at 4AM.

Memories for a lifetime!!!

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⛵️Our boat: Polar Seal, 2007 Beneteau Oceanis 40, owners version (2 cabins layout)

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