The Story Behind The Quality Of Tartan Yachts (Sailboats)

For over 50 years, Tartan Yachts have set the standard when it comes to quality craftsmanship and performance in a sailboat. The Tartan creed is to deliver a yacht to the new owners that excels in all performance expectations, spares no expense when it comes to safety, and has the luxurious accommodations that one would anticipate when buying a yacht. It was 1960 when Charlie Britton, the design firm Sparkman & Stevens, and builder Douglass and McLeod would form a partnership to build the first Tartan 27. The Tartan 27 was a departure from the old world of wooden boats and used quality crafted fiberglass hulls to set itself apart during this new age of boat building. The company quickly needed to expand as new models splashed including the 34 and BlackWatch 37 and opened a second shipyard in North Carolina.

Seattle Yachts is a representing dealer of Tartan Yachts.

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