Top 5 Small Sailboats 2019 – 2020 ✪ Price & Specs 1

Compact and simple to rig, small sailboats or daysailers are perfect for the cruiser that doesn’t want the commitment of a bigger boat. Small boats or dinghies are easy to tow and bring in and out of water for a perfect daysailing experience. A dinghy is a type of small open sailboat commonly used for recreation, sail training, and tending a larger vessel. They are popular in youth sailing programs for their short LOA, simple operation and minimal maintenance.

This video lists the most popular small sailboats available in the market. The top 5 small sailboats are ranked according to price and availability from sought-after boat manufacturers.

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International Marine Voyager 20 ✪ US$ 22,250

The Voyager 20 is a foot longer than the Potter 19 upon which it’s based, with a beefed-up build and rig, a fixed ballast keel and a more generous inventory to match its long-distance coastal cruising brief. Potter owners have undertaken some impressive voyages—at least one has sailed from California to Hawaii and back—so without actually encouraging such adventures, the Potter people have provided a more suitable platform for their execution. The Voyager 20 measures in at 19ft 10in overall, with a trailer-friendly beam of 7ft 6in.

Flying Scot ✪ US$ 27,400

The Flying Scot is a day sailer dinghy used for pleasure sailing as well as racing throughout America. The Flying Scot was designed in 1957 by Gordon K. Douglass who had already designed the Thistle and Highlander dinghies. The name parallels the Flying Dutchman which was designed a few years earlier.

Swallow Yachts BayRaider ✪ US$ 28,900

The BayRaider is extremely versatile. She is not just a tough, fast Raid boat, the water ballast makes her suitable for a wide range of conditions and levels of crew experience. Surprisingly, perhaps, she is an ideal boat for beginners as, with ballast tanks full, she is stable, forgiving and very hard to capsize.

Samoset Boatworks Marblehead 22 ✪ US$ 84,500

The high performance Marblehead 22 is epoxy built and bears the classic lines and charm of a traditional wooden boat, without the upkeep. Above the waterline, the Marblehead 22 appears as a true classic: a narrow beamed hull accented by a nearly plumb stem, sweeping sheer, counter transom, and varnished coaming boards. Below the water she’s all performance. A fine entry gracefully transitions to a powerful mid-section that finishes with just enough rocker to bring the sea peacefully back together.

CW Hood 32 ✪ US$ 113,600

The C.W. Hood 32 is a “stand out from the crowd” sailboat. Light and nimble, she can climb to windward with exceptional grace. She is easy to single hand and roomy enough for a crew if she finds herself in a skirmish with her sisters.
This is a true daysailer. There is nothing onboard to distract from her purpose. A beautiful, comfortable sailboat with the finest pedigree.



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