WASZP GPS Challenge – Win a ride on an F50!

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Ever wanted to race against the Pros? Well this is the opportunity! WASZP, as part of its Class Management infrastructure (to be launched late 2020), are giving everyone early access to our purpose built GPS platform and an opportunity to challenge the world’s best. The equipment of choice will be the WASZP!

SailGP sailors (Plus others) will be getting their hands on WASZPs during the event window between 14th of September & 12th of October 2020. They will be posting their sessions alongside all our WASZP sailors around the world. As long as you are on a WASZP, logging your sessions and able to verify this ANYONE can enter!

The GPS platform has its own in-built verifcation process, however we do ask everyone to either take a photo of the day (dated) with you, your GPS and your WASZP or another person who can verify your session.

We will send a follow up e-mail where you can create your account on our platform when it is finalised.

How to win a ride on an F50!

The prize for the 1st placed Amatuer WASZP Sailor will be an amazing ‘bucket list’ experience. You will recieve 2x spectator tickets to the SailGP event of your choice as well as a once in a lifetime ride on an F50!

The scoring will be an accumulative score accross 3 disciplines of GPS that can all be logged in the single session:

  1. Average top speed
  2. Best 250m run
  3. Longest distance sailed in 30mins

Competitors will get a rank for each discipline and be scored overall using the pointscore method. Don’t worry our platform works all this out for you and us!

The platform supports all GPS devices and as we get closer more information will be released about the event and our platform. Anyone in the world can log sessions at anytime, connecting our entire WASZP community at once!

Only in the WASZP class do you get access like this!

All documents and information will be available on www.waszp.com

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