WE CRASHED THE BOAT! Sailing Ocean Fox #51

We run aground, the sun was to low and we couldn’t see a thing and we hit the coral. Not a good experience I have to say, a bit of a damage on the keel, but luckily we have the boat booked to come out of the water next week so we will be able to fix it sooner rather than later.

We help a boat that was on the rocks and tow it back to the anchorage. Fortunately not to much damage on his boat.

Sad to say that the girls are leaving this week, but Jessica will be back in August for a longer period of time.

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Much love

Carla & Simon

A little bit about us…

We met in the summer 2015, we were introduced to each other by the virtual world. Eighteen months later we were getting married on a beautiful beach on Barbados, bare foot, very simple ceremony just like a dream!

Two days after the wedding laying on the beach, talking about sailing, Carla suggested… why don’t we sail around the world? Guess what Simon said? “Let’s do it” He took it with no second thoughts! And here we are, fifteen months after that day in Barbados, we started our adventure in Croatia.

We made it happen working through all the challenges on the way.

Now we are enjoying this wonderful life, and what a wonderful life it is!

As we travel we will cross less fortunate countries, we would love to help to build a school or a health care centre, anything that these people may need, and in our beautiful world this is taken for granted. But for these people it’s a dream, or may not even be a dream.

We will look around and when the opportunity to help comes we will put our hands and hearts in to it.

Much love

Carla and Simon

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