Welcome aboard our dearest home under sail “POLY”. It is a 50 feet NEEL trimaran, the very first ever made (the prototype). We made almost everything on our own, from scratch….and now absolutely love that sailboat! It is fast, comfortable … our best home we could have ever imagined. Happy to welcome you here! Join our sailing family life and subscribe to our channel!

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We are a Polish family (Ania, Bartek, Kuba and Julian) traveling the world and sailing across oceans on our floating home, a 15 meter trimaran, as a way of promoting alternative way of life off the grid. In 2014 we managed to materialize our dreams and traded a land based home in Poland for a permanent life on the ocean aboard our dearest new home – sailboat “Poly”.

On our channel we share with you our journey, not only across oceans, but above all a journey through life. We would love to inspire you to a conscious, mindful life, on your own terms, to get in touch with your deepest needs, feelings, and follow them to live your dreams (small and large). “HERE AND NOW”.

If you feel that our creations are valuable to you and bring you more joy and light to your everyday life, join us and support our productions. We will be very grateful for your gratitude in turn.

Subscribe to our group to support the concept of living a conscious and mindfull life. You decide on the amount. And if you’d like to get involved in a different way please contact us with your offer to contribute.

We accept financial contributions in the following ways:

1. PayPal


The most convenient option (and the least fees on the way to our account), 2 options:
A) No need to create an account. Simply use you credit card for a donation of your choice monthly

B) Just few clicks to set up a monthly donation if you have an existing PayPal account.

In both cases you may cancel your contribution at any time.

2. Patreon


The lowest monthly threshold is $1. Register an account or login to existing one, select the threshold and the amount will be charged to your credit card or PayPal account every month based however on each new movie we post. Again, as above you can opt out at any time.

3. Patronite


Recommended for people from Poland. Even though the payment option is slightly more difficult. You register, choose the support tier, the lowest monthly threshold is 5 PLN. You can choose the support period in advance or renew it manually every month.

Members of the SailOceans tribe enjoy:

❤️️ access to the private LOVE Boat Facebook group, where we publish additional content, including uncensored and politically incorrect stuff that social media propaganda machine cannot swallow
️ ❤️ private LIVE meetings
️ ❤️ meditation courses
️❤️ you will get access to additional content and early access to our vlogs and much more.

For people who choose higher support thresholds we have prepared other surprises (details at patreon.com/sailoceans or https://patronite.pl/sailoceans)

Thank you for your commitment from the bottom of our hearts ️

Ania, Bartek, Kuba and Julian ❤️

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