We’re Sailing Around the World… Buying Our First Boat! ~ Vlog #1

Step 1 of our quest to sail around the world begins!

We board a plane from Australia to Croatia to find a yacht fit enough to sail around the world. Our first yacht no less.

We were warned it wouldn’t be easy, and my goodness they were right. There were hiccups, twists, turns, tears of both happiness and dispair and we want you to come along and experience every minute of it with us.

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Oceans of love, Xanthe & Jackson

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Our equipment…
~Nikon D3100
~iPhone 6
~DJI Phantom III
~GoPro Hero 4

Our dreamy music…
~Tigers in the Sky – Sunday Love

~Will Heggadon – Island

~D.D Dumbo – Tropical Oceans (Belwoorf remix)

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