Why I signed up to the Clipper Race

by Clipper Round the World Race 23 Aug 12:04 UTC Clipper Race crew Afshin Ahmadian © Clipper Race Tweet

Find out why these crew members signed up for the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race.

Afshin Ahmadian, Business Analyst, Iran, RTW, Visit Sanya, China

Clipper Race crew Afshin Ahmadian – photo © James Robinson

“Adventure has led us humans into the unexplored parts of our magnificent planet and universe. Circumnavigating the world as part of the Clipper Race will allow me to feel ever closer to what the great explorers felt when they ventured into the unknown.”

Kiki Kettunen, Retail Manager, Finland, RTW, Seattle

Clipper Race crew Kiki Kettunen – photo © James Robinson

“I lost my mum at an early age, which made me realise how limited and precious life is. My motto since, has been “Carpe Diem”. As one always keen for an adventure, the Clipper Race circumnavigation is the perfect challenge for me to achieve something truly remarkable.”

Clipper Race crew Kiki Kettunen – photo © Nicolas Pereyra

Sandra Marichal, Content Strategist, France, RTW, Unicef

Clipper Race crew Sandra Marichal – photo © James Robinson

“I want to circumnavigate Earth. Living on a boat for a full year is a true life dream. I do a lot of sailing, paddling, rowing and feel I can only be happy on the water. But I also want to show my friends, my colleagues, my network and most importantly the youth in Singapore and in Asia that it is ok to follow your dream and go on an adventure, because that’s what life is all about, in the end.”

Clipper Race crew Sandra Marichal – photo © Clipper Race

Timothy Morgan, Student, UK, RTW, Seattle

Clipper Race crew Timothy Morgan – photo © James Robinson

“By taking part in the Clipper Race I want to find myself, learn where my limits are and what happens when I push them further. I also want to share the achievement of circumnavigating with a group of people and gain a sense of belonging and understanding that only such a challenge could bring.”

Clipper Race crew Timothy Morgan – photo © Clipper Race

Nassor El Mahruki, Hotelier, Tanzania, RTW, Zhuhai

Clipper Race crew Nassor El Mahruki – photo © James Robinson

“Living in a small Island of Zanzibar I never thought I would be able to do such race. When I heard about the Clipper Race I thought this is too great an opportunity to miss and I should do it while I am still in a good spirit.”

Clipper Race crew Nassor El Mahruki – photo © Clipper Race

Clara Carrington, HR Manager, Spain, RTW, Punta del Este

Clipper Race crew Clara Carrington – photo © James Robinson

“It’s my life’s dream to sail around the planet and to test myself in the Southern Ocean. I am passionate about seeing people, and myself grow. It will also be a fascinating study in teamwork, leadership, high performance teams and time management, as well as the most difficult challenge of my life so far. I want to live the experience of having done something hard and see that I can do it!”

Day 2 Antonio, Clara and Kati – photo © Clipper Race

Candela Guo, Student, USA, RTW, Go To Bermuda

Clipper Race crew Candela Guo – photo © Clipper Race

“I found out about the Clipper Race while searching for ocean crossing trips online, and I immediately decided that this race would be the type of challenge that I need at this point in my life. I look to set a higher standard for myself, both physically and mentally. By participating in a rigorous journey for an extended period of time, I hope to become more persistent and hard-working.”

Clipper Race crew Candela Guo – photo © Barry Goble

For more information visit www.clipperroundtheworld.com.

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