World Sailing President welcomes third ASOIF governance review

18 June 2020 15:18pm By Daniel Smith World Sailing President welcomes third ASOIF governance review World Sailing President welcomes third ASOIF governance review Kim Andersen, World Sailing President World Sailing President, Kim Andersen, has welcomed the publication of the third ASOIF Governance Review and sailing’s positioning as one of the leading International Federation promoting a culture of good governance with continued progress. World Sailing has been ranked top of the A2 category, with A1 being the highest followed by A2, B and C. World Sailing were ranked top of the A2 category in the last report (2018) and were amongst the International Federations to record an improved score in 2020.

Read the full review document here.

On the publication of the report, Andersen commented, “Since the publication of the 2018 ASOIF report, World Sailing has strived to uphold a culture of integrity, good governance and transparency in our operations. Whilst we remain in A2, we did not want to become complacent with our position and our increased score highlights that we have not rested on our laurels during this period. I’m delighted that we have improved our score and remain in a strong position.”

“Operating under a good governance structure is crucial for an International Federation to thrive and we will continue to look to evolve and uphold the integrity of our beautiful sport. It brings me great pleasure to see World Sailing’s work, such as our electoral procedures, efforts in sustainability and auditing recognised by ASOIF.

“I thank the ASOIF Governance Taskforce and experts involved in the process and the World Sailing staff and community for their ongoing commitment to safeguarding our sport.”

World Sailing’s moderated score was 158, which matched its own self-assessed score of 158. This represents an 40% increase on the 2017 assessment and sees World Sailing ranked as the second highest IF in federations of a similar staff size and highest amongst federations in a similar revenue bracket. The breakdown of scores is:

World Sailing President welcomes third ASOIF governance review

For more information on the review and key findings, click here. Source

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