World Sailing Statement

The Board of World Sailing met this morning* to discuss the various allegations circulating publicly concerning the conduct of members of the World Sailing Ethics Commission, which resulted in resignations of members. Clearly these allegations are serious and must be investigated fully and independently. These allegations are being passed to the World Sailing Judicial Board for investigation by an independent Disciplinary Investigating Officer (DIO) appointed by them. It will be a matter for the DIO what action is taken following the investigation. World Sailing Regulation 35, Part E, explains the procedure.

The World Sailing Board will also urgently commence the process to fill the current vacancies on the Commission. World Sailing will identify a number of suitable candidates for recommendation by the Board to the World Sailing Council for appointment.

As this is a live case, there will be no further comment from World Sailing on this topic until the investigation is concluded.

* Board Members who were parties to this case were not present at the meeting nor have they been involved in any discussions. E-mail this page Print this page Source

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