Yacht For Sale UK Looking To Buy A Yacht? Cheap Newbridge Venturer Yacht For Sale

Yacht For Sale UK Call 01633 213056 Newbridge Venturer 1986 Sailing Yacht for sale due to repairable damage, this would be a boat refurbishment project for anyone that wants to restore a beautiful sailing yacht.

If you are looking for boats for sale in England, Wales Scotland or Ireland then this could be the ideal yacht refurb project for you.

You don’t see Newbridge yachts for sale very often and this is a Newbridige Venturer sailboat that has been in the same family since it was bought new in 1986.

A beautiful yacht for sale in Newport Wales situated at Newport Uskmouth Sailing Club where boats are kept safe.

When looking for sailboats for sale in Wales or boats for sale Norfolk Broads and you want to buy a boat for a repair project then this is definitely one of those sailing yachts for sale that you don’t want to miss.

I searched boats for sale near me and found a lot of small boats but very few motor yachts for sale, I did find boats for sale Cornwall and boats for sale Plymouth but if you are looking to buy a yacht there are very few to chose from.

Used boats for sale in Wales Cardiff and Newport seem to have few but not cheap yacht prices and the cheap boats for sale that I saw were just that cheap yachts for sale.

Classic yachts for sale like a Newbridge Venturer for under £1000 I could not find anywhere, so if you are searching Yachts For Sale Under £1000 then you have found a great Yacht for sale under £1000

This particular Newbridge yacht boat is a spares or repairs project not a used boats project for enthusiasts.

What we have here is a small cabin cruiser for sale, a motor yacht or small sailboats for sale.

Small yachts for sale like the Newbridge Venturer is one of those used yachts for sale that do not come to the market often.

When looking for cheap yachts for sale would you chose a two birth Newbridge navigator or a four birth Newbridge Venturer for sale, this is one of the best cruisers yachts ever built in Britain and a great example of used yachts that can be refurbished.

A classic yacht this is an example of boats for sale by owner, these quality used sailboats do not come to market often, this is a 1986 Newbridge Venturer for sale in Wales UK.

Manufactured by Newbridge Boats, this Newbridge yacht is a refurbishment project and one of the few Newbridge boats for sale in the UK at this moment in time.

The Yacht for sale is currently in Newport, Wales is a 4 Berth and Includes gas, water containers, toilet and cooker and the sails, but does not include engine or dinghy.

A wonderful family sailing Yacht or jpt this watercraft is used for pleasure and sports raced to Cornwall on several occasions.

The Newbridge Venturer is not really a light fast sailing vessel, but it is a good Yacht for Sale in the UK

Built by Newbridge Yachts of Chard, Somerset England, a compact trailer-sailer with good accommodation for her size, the Venturer makes a good small coastal or estuary cruiser, and is small enough to be trailed if required, this venturer does not come with a trailer.

The Venturer is 21ft 1 inch with a sail area of 248 sq ft main and genoa, the water line length is 18ft 1 inch.

The Rig is sloop with a beam of 7ft 10 inches and this examle has generous cabin complete with cooking facilities.

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Yacht For Sale UK Looking To Buy A Yacht? Cheap Newbridge Venturer Yacht For Sale.

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